Sandy Hook; Whole City Got FREE Houses! Paid Off on Christmas Day, 2009 (Documents)

Sandy Hook Hoax

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists make the claim that some residents of Sandy Hook were given free houses?

As a kind of compensation for taking part in some type of “false flag” event, Hoaxers point to local property tax records.

Very few Newtowners have $0 listed on their houses in 2009. Here’s why…

Properties that were bought within the last few years show the sales price. All others show $0 sold on 12/25/2009. This is true of EVERY street in Newtown. and every other town in Connecticut I checked, although other towns have different dates. “Sale Price-$0” Sandy Hook hoax adherent and former University of Minnesota Duluth Professor James H. Fetzer is one of the chief disseminators of fraudulent information about the tragedy that befell Newtown, Conn. on December 14, 2012.

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