Sandy Hook Evacuation

Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuation

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Evacuation

There is a lot of misinformation being spread by Sandy Hook Hoaxer Conspiracy Theorists.

One primary contentions is that there are no photographs of children being evacuated.

Sandy Hook Hoaxers state there are no photographs of evacuated children from Sandy Hook Elementary. That is untrue.  Hundreds of students were photographed that day. Many were photographed by Shannon Hicks during the immediate evacuation and many were photographed as they left the firehouse.

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Everyone Must Check In Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Hoax Check-in Sign: as previously debunked

Wolfgang Halbig continues to push a DEBUNKED theory.

As previously debunked, the Fox News interview of Gene Rosen (that shows the traffic sign) with Megyn Kelly was live on December 18, 2012, and it was NOT recorded or prerecorded on a previous day:

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